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Recently I have been thinking about people that follow someone or something.  This could be a good thing or something that can get a person or group of people into trouble.  If you think about it there are followers within a gang, a culture, fads, politics and religion.  Gangs can be intimidating but yet give their members or disciples a sense of security and family.  Cliques follow some sort of fashion or lifestyle which gives a person a form of identity and confidence in oneself.  Religion represents a belief or dogma that a person chooses to live by.  Within each religious group there is a handbook, a creed or a book of discipline which represents their doctrine.   The Christian followers utilize the Bible as their standard of life professing that the Bible was given to humanity by God Himself.  According to the Bible a follower or disciple of Jesus is a person that believes that Jesus is “The Son of God, the Messiah or savior of humanity.  A disciple believes that Christ paid the ultimate price for all the evil, violence and corruption a person has ever done wrong by being hung on a cross until He died, was then placed in a grave and three days later arose from the dead.  Christian followers believe that Jesus ascended into the heavenly realm above and intercedes on our behalf today.  Because of this belief a disciple strives to be a witness to the world by trying to live like Christ did.  In other words A Christian is a person that strives to live a holy lifestyle, a person willing to accept the authority and responsibility that Jesus places upon them.   A follower of Jesus is a person willing to teach, talk about and represent the love of Jesus by the way they speak, by their actions or lifestyle, and by the work that they do for His church.  A follower of Jesus is a person that strives to be compassionate and forgiving attempting to be loving at all times especially toward his/her enemies.  This is a person that is willing to deny oneself in order to maintain their Christian integrity no matter what the cost.  A disciple or follower of Christ is a person that strives to place God above everything important to him/her knowing that everything good in this world is of God.  A disciple is a person that strives to perfect oneself everyday of their lives.  It is a person willing to abide in Christ and His Word.  Are you a Christian, or to put it another way, a follower or disciple of Jesus?  If so how are you doing living out Christ plan for you.  The reward is beyond one’s imagination, it is eternal life. 

Pastor Terry

I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

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