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I recently returned from a mission trip to Kenya only to think about our spiritual “911 State of Emergency” in the States.  You see I heard one of our armed force generals talking about a potential third world war erupting.  His speculation was based on Israel taking aggressive action against Iran to stop them from continuing with their nuclear program.  He explained if this happens the allies (of both nations) would have no other choice but to defend these two Nations which would cause a  world war. 
    Israel believes that military options may ultimately be needed to halt Iran's nuclear progression. What would this mean to our Nation?  Life sure would change for the worst.  It’s a very scary thought to reflect on, isn‘t it? I can’t even imagine the consequences of an action like this.  Major destruction across the world.  Would there be anyplace safe to live during or after a time like this.  Is it possible for our great nation to stay intact or would we be devastated loosing our freedom and security.  
    I think of God who is all powerful, everywhere at one time and able to do anything, which means to intervene and put a stop to this possibility but would the Lord?  With the Biblical knowledge that I have, it depends upon the faith of God’s believers.  If we look at our past history we see that God actually placed judgment upon His believers, the Hebrews, by allowing the Babylonians to overthrow Jerusalem destroying it and totally devastating their nation taking a remnant of believers into captivity.  This was allowed  because of their rejection of God‘s ways.  Is this possibly the way God is looking at His followers in America today.  
    In the old Testament book of Ezekiel Chapter 14 the elders of Israel came to the prophet to dialog on current events.  This is when the Word of the LORD came to him, saying that these men have set up idols in their hearts causing them to stumble into sin. Upon hearing this Ezekiel asked God if he should listen to them.  He was told that the LORD would answer them according to the multitude of their idols, so that God would seize the house of Israel by their hearts to bring them back to Him.  God then instructed Ezekiel to instruct Israel to “Repent and turn away from their idols and all their abominations.
    Has the world of believers turned away from God so much that these are the words He would be speaking to us today.  Have we turned away from God so much that the Divine is about to take things into His own hands and pass judgment upon the world to bring His believers back to their faith.  A third world war would do that.  I hope not, but remember the “Great Flood” and the judgment put upon Sodom and Gomorra as well as the overthrow of Israel by Nebuchadnezzar.   If you are a believer in Christ and are living a life of sin which would be living according to the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes or just seeking selfish ambition I would suggest turning your life back to Christ asking for a renewed forgiveness so that we will be blessed not judged.  Amen!

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