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Posted By disciple

    The author of 1 Timothy 2:8 writes that the Lord wants “men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer”. What do you think the writer is pointing out to us? How many people really pray like this? Another thought that comes to mind is why pray at all if not like Paul mentions above?

     We can conclude that a lot of people make silent prayers because religious tradition teaches us to do so, or we learned it from our parents, Sunday school teachers or our religious friends but are we truly connecting with God on a personal level when we pray? E.M. Bounds in his book “Prayer” writes that God does not hear our prayers if they are lukewarm or mechanical. He explains that God wants us to seek him out passionately, constantly. 

     How many of us really do this?  When was the last time you lifted up your hands to the heavens above or knelt before God as you talked intimately, reverently with holy passion in your heart knowing that the Creator of the world desires this from us and answers our prayers when we seek Him with our whole heart. 

     My hope and prayer is that you become closer to the Lord as you reflect on the way you pray. We are taught In the  1st Epistle of Thessalonians Chapter 5: 16-18 to “be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus“.

     Allow me to suggest a good starting point for this kind of passionate prayer.
Kneel down before God at bedtime, extend your hands out with your palms up and reflect on your day. Start your prayer by thanking God for His love, blessings and mercy that He placed upon you for the day. Do this every night before you go to bed. Who knows you just might find yourself lifting up your hands to the Lord in love, joy and thanksgiving as you continue to pray this way.

Have a great Christmas!
Pastor Terry