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Posted By disciple

I love to share stories that will encourage and give people hope.  Several weeks ago a young high school student by the name of Malorie was playing soccer for Uniontown High School when she got kicked and lost her sight in one eye.  After seeking medical help and working with five doctors their diagnosis was traumatic for Malorie.  She had permanent damage and loss of sight in the eye that was kicked with no hope of ever recovering. 

Malorie shared with her parents and doctors that she would not give up hope.  Her friends invited her to a Christian healing service at Chalk Hill UMC that took place on November 3rd, 2008 and she accepted.  The congregation prayed for a miracle to take place for her and many others that Sunday morning.

When she left the church, she still did not have her sight restored but did not give up hope feeling certain God heard the prayers and would give her sight back. 

On Saturday afternoon November 22nd, 2008 she was waiting to line up with her high school band to perform in a local Thanksgiving parade when she suddenly felt lightheaded.  Malorie said she thought she was going to pass out.  To her dismay she lost total sight in both eyes and became very frightened as her friends and family prepared to take her to the emergency room.   While all of this chaos was going on she started to cry with joy telling everyone that her eyesight came back perfect.  That is right, total eyesight in both eyes. 

After testing, all the doctor could say is that there is no medical explanation that she should be able to see out of that eye.  He was baffled. 

Malorie is still praising God knowing that nothing is impossible for our Lord Jesus Christ, and He hears and answers our prayers.   We had a great celebration at Chalk Hill UMC this past Sunday (Nov.23rd, 2008) and share this story with you to give you hope and encourage you to place your burdens upon the Master Physician, Jesus the Messiah of world. 

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday and we encourage you to share your comments with us concerning this miracle.

May God bless you,

Pastor Terry