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Here is something to reflect on today.  Are you a complainer?  Do you find yourself depressed most of the day because nothing seems to be right including your job, your spouse or your friends?  Do you find fault with everything?  I hope not but if this strikes a cord lets look to the Scriptures for some help.

In Philippians Chapter 4 reading verse 14-16 we learn that we are to do all things without complaining and disputing so that we may become blameless and harmless in this perverted generation. 

If we really think about it, complaining or fighting all the time to get our way will just suck the life out of a person.  A suggestion would be to consider optimism in this imperfect world striving to make a difference.  I believe that this outlook will relieve a lot of stress upon a person and place a smile back on our faces and hearts opening us up to God’s peace and joy. 

I would love to hear any comments on this reflection.

Pastor Terry

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Crusade In Eldoret

Posted By disciple

    For the last  two years Pastor Terry Collins has taken two delegations to the Country of Kenya to preach, teach, and feed the poor as they witness the Word of God.  He just returned from one of the hardest physical traveling trips that he and a team have ever made and one of the most rewarding outreaches that he has ever been apart of.   Pastor Collins traveled with his wife Susan, Dane and Cynthia Cramer from Somerset and Randy Byers from Masontown. 
    We all witnessed the aftermath of the horrendous skirmishes that took place throughout this country as a result of the presidential elections that took place in December of 2007.  Tribe struck out against tribe killing, maiming, raping, and terrorizing each other until the world leaders stepped in to restore some sort of peace.  Multitudes of Kenyan people were displaced as a result of these skirmishes.
    Our outreach took place in the heart of cities where victims are trying to heal from the devastating effects of the carnage that was placed upon them.  We found the victimizers left with a terrible guilt they find themselves living with as a result of the atrocities they became apart of.  Now that the dust has settled, they can’t believe they did the things they did. 
    Our host Pastor Matthew Ongere, told us that one tribe beheaded hundreds of people and lined these heads up on the roadway to strike terror in the hearts of their enemy tribe in the middle of this civil unrest.  The survivors find themselves unable to heal from the grief they suffered.  Many of them lost their entire families as well as the homes they lived in. 
    During our crusades we offered them the forgiving and healing grace of Jesus Christ and witnessed hundreds of men and women receive peace and comfort from God as they turned their burdens over to the Lord.  On one evening, the guilt was so heavy on a group of men that when we offered them Jesus Christ forgiveness they knelt down in the mud streets and repented.  Pastor Collins stated that he has never witnessed repentance like this before. We also fed over one hundred families before we left this city. 
    While in the District of Homa Bay, which is a six hour trip from Eldoret (including four hours of traveling on dirt roads) we held a two night Crusade in Kagan West.  The crowd surrounded us and pressed in to hear the Word of God preached.  The younger men were actually climbing trees to be able to see us and to hear us.  Once again hundreds gave their lives over to the Lord and I just received an e-mail from Pastor Matthew that seventy six people would like to start a church in this village. 
    My wife and Cynthia Cramer spoke to a hundred village widows who find themselves considered worthless and unimportant in their community.  We learned that this attitude is widespread across the Nation.  As we left this community our ladies have a desire to re-establish self worth in these women.  They offered them hope by preaching the love and peace that comes from being believers of Jesus and then stated that we desire to help them become a community of widows in their village who are productive and self-sufficient. We suggested bringing widows together with their children distributing the every day work among themselves.  We stated that a few of them would be responsible for cooking and preparing the food while a few of them planted and took care of a home garden.  A few other widows would sew clothes then sell or trade any extra they make for other provisions they will need.  Finally a few of the widows would take care of the livestock.  The woman took to this overwhelmingly.  We have joined with a local church in this community to see if we can get a parcel of land for them.  The community will build the mud huts they need to live in.  Our hope is to be able to purchase a few manual sewing machines and several native milking cows, utensils to cook on and eat with.
    Our team is now reaching out to see if we can help make this widows community work.  It will be the first of its kind in this nation and hopefully be able to give them back their dignity and self worth.  The village pastors believe that this will spread all over their district.         
    If you would like to learn more about this outreach, Pastor Collins would love to come to your church, Bible study, or organization to share this remarkable outreach with you.  Pastor Collins states that he is still in awe at the way God used this delegation to bring healing to multitudes of victims peace and forgiveness to the victimizers of this Nation.  His prayer is that this testimony will bring renewal to all that love our Lord here in the States that hear this story.