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Posted By disciple

Have you given any thought to what Bilical part of history we are living in?  I believe most people would say we are approaching the end of times as we know them to be.  Some people say that before this happens we must face the rapture.  What do you think?  Will a rapture take place before, during or after the great tribulation era?  In other words will God take the Christians into the heavenly realm before the end of times?


You might be wondering what this tribulation period is.  According to the book of Daniel Chapter 9 verse 27 this is a time when "The Antichrist" will set himself up in the Jewish temple in Jerusalem "proclaiming himself to be God" demanding worship.  This will be in the middle of a seven year tribulation period according to the prophet.  This antichrist will become the abomination that cause desolation spoken of in this book.  It will be an era so bad that if God would not cut it short no Christian would survive.


I do not know if the Christians will be raptured before this tribulation period but what I do know I would like to share for some heart felt reflection.  The second letter to the Thessalonians Chapter two verses one through nine puts some light on this matter..  The Apostle Paul explains that we do not have to worry or be concerned about Christ coming back.  He goes onto explain that no Christian should be deceived, knowing that Christ will only come after "The Falling Away" happens and the antichrist is revealed.  This is a time when Christians will openly reject God's ways and fall away from His teachings and commands.  This will be a time when the church will start to compromise sin stating that God will understand. 


Are we (God's people) already starting to do this?  Many of the main line churches are beginning to axccept immorality as a way of life.  Think about this, there are as many divorces within the church as the secular world.  Churches are accepting homosexuality as a social norm.  They are approving abortion and so many other sins, therefore if the church is accepting this lifestyle then it must be alright with God.  Are we rapidly "Falling Away" from God's ways?  Many Christians think so but does that mean we are close to the ends of time?


I cannot answer that for you, only our Father, God, knows but I can tell you that if you see the temple in Jerusalem being rebuilt then these times are rapidly moving forward.  You see once the Jewish temple is rebuilt the antichrist will make himself known and he will claim to be God.  If you are here when this happens then listen for the trumpet of Jesus to sound.  Then and only then will He  come back to reveal the antichrist, consume and destroy him with His breath.  Praise God!


In the meantime are you prepared for this event? Are you liviing right or would you be considered apart of the great "Falling Away"?  Do you know Jesus? This is the only guarantee of living in God's eternal kingdom here and forever.  Take time now and ask Jesus into your heart, Amen!


Your comments ar appreciated.


Pastor Terry