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Posted By disciple

    Recently I received an e-mail from a seminary student by the name of Arnold that lives outside of Nairobi Kenya. He asked me if I have the courage to address the problems of Christ’s Church in their Nation, which he feels starts with leadership the next time I visit.
    He is convicted that the Kenyan Christian Church can not be strong again until the
leadership address their part in the prevailing open sin that has been witnessed by the world.  This new e-mail acquaintance spoke of the disaster that engulfed the Country as a result of the elections that took place in Dec., 2007. He wrote that the church was at the center of the skirmishes. He went on to say that some of the church members and leaders actually instigated the carnage. He explained that they were, and are, divided because of ethnic differences that brought out their buried hatred for one another as they struck out with vengeful hearts, maiming, raping, killing, and robbing their rival
tribal neighbors. 

    As a result of this sin , it is his opinion that the church now pretends that all is well but it is not.  They have not healed and some of their remarks betray their continued bitterness, anger and their continued desire for revenge. 

    After reading his remarks, I couldn’t help reflecting on the Christian Church in our own nation wondering when our leadership will search our hearts and repent of our open sin and get back to placing Christ first so that we too can be a vital witness to our Nation and the world.

    You might wonder what our Christian Nation’s sin is? I believe that it is not being willing to stand on the sacred Holy Bible as our guide and path to holy living. Many of our main line church leaders continue to be split on issues like sexuality, abortion, and who should serve in our pulpits today. It’s as though the church does not know what sin is.
    My answer to Arnold’s question is simple, it’s yes. I have the courage to address sin in his nation as well as the sin in our nation. It is prevalent, it is open and many of the leaders and members of Christ’s great church do not want to accept Jesus holy ways. They want to continue to entertain their sin as though God understands and tolerates it.          This is not the case and the church continues to divide as it smothers Christ’ witness. Remember sin is anything that opposes the way of God. This includes immorality, homosexuality, murder, hatred and whatever takes the honor and glory away from Jesus Christ.

    We are all guilty of sin, but the good news is the knowledge that Christ will forgive us and bless us when we repent. Today, seek Jesus’ wonderful grace once again by truly repenting of our wrongdoing, let God renew our hearts and the hearts of His church throughout this world,  AMEN!
    Would you pray this day that a renewal will take place within God’s family so that true revival can sweep our great Nation.


Pastor Terry